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Expert Wood Floor Sealing Services in Singapore

Wood Flooring Singapore’s portfolio includes a lot of services, starting with sanding and repair and finishing with floor sealing and maintenance. The sealing service is pretty essential for amazing looking floors being the finishing touch. While sanding is a pretty “rough” job and requires heavy-duty equipment and hard work, floor sanding is all about the details. In some sense it may be called science – combining the type of wood flooring, being parquet, solid wood, etc. and proper finishing products in correct proportions with outcomes, comply with client’s taste.

Floor sealing has now become one of our specialities and we are always happy to deliver such intricate service requiring attention to details and master-ship and change the way a worn and tired wooden floor looks, restoring back its initial beauty and glory.

We already acquaint you with basic stages of wood floor sanding, gap filling and staining and floor sealing is basically the last step you have to take to the perfect looking flooring. Main stages like sanding leave you with perfectly smooth floors, but actually bare wood. The point of sealing consists of applying a finishing layer using products with different final effects, depending on the type of flooring and the customer’s desires. In this sense, floor sealing is the finishing touch of every wood floor renovation project. Sealing the floor using quality products like lacquers or oils is just as important as the quality of the wood itself, since top layers are closer to the damage causers, prevent scratches and signs of worn and high traffic and ensure longer durability of the flooring. For our Singapore floor sealing projects, we always use high-quality products, created by flooring industry leaders Bona, Osmo and Junckers. In a nutshell, floor sealing is a process designed not only to improve the appearance of every floor that experienced wear and tear and show signs of high traffic and everyday use but also to protect the wooden floor for a long period and guarantee you will enjoy it for many more decades.

We believe, that everything is possible and that is the reason we have such a wide range of floor finishes including water-based single component clear lacquers, safe and suitable for domestic use, also two-component commercial-grade lacquers. We are happy to announce that according to last trends we use also a completely new range of natural lacquers, which do tint the colour of bare wood to minimal for saving its genuine organic beauty and all these warm holes, knots and natural stains that tell stories and make it one-of-a-kind flooring. So, if a fan of rustic style, you can make your Singapore home artistic and unique simply by natural lacquers floor sealing. No matter what your preferences and desires are, our floor sealing specialists have the required skills, knowledge, experience and range of products to help you achieve the floor you have always wanted. Through professional floor sealing treatment, we will not only transform the look of your favourite floor but also ensure its original colour, texture and grain is preserved and well protected.

Hardwax-oil is the real deal. It makes wood flooring not only pretty looking but also super durable. Although it may look harder to look after and clean, once your floors are waxed, they need years and years to next floor sealing. We improve the sealing system with our professional job and by using quality products by Osmo and Bona. Since we believe, that safety is most important, the products we use are low VOC products and contain natural wax. For wood flooring long-life we advise you to take care and clean properly. A very essential part of every regular wood flooring maintenance routine is floor sealing and it contributes to the longer life of a wooden floor, its durability and hard-wearing power.

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